Hangry isn’t a word, it’s a feeling. A feeling that gives your bellyguts a soapbox to go on violent diatribes on behalf of your otherwise cool, non-diatribey self. But with the simple act of stashing some Jack Link’s nearby, you can hack your hangry, and go about not being the psycho you aren’t known for being. 

With Ian Kovalik, Ryan PaulsonPhilip Cheaney, and Bryan Davis 


































JERky in a fishtank

This is a song I made while eating lunch with our client on the shoot. A few hours and $12 later, we had the world's most unnecessary website.

Click the beef tank to launch the unforgettable experience.  


To support the broadcast, we made a social series called the Hangry Hack-A-Thon in which several geniuses made robots and inventions out of beef jerky for San Francisco's Maker Faire.